The aim of this research is to determine the form of constitutionality of people power in Indonesia. To obtain quality research results, the method used in this research is a normative-empirical legal research method. Where research examines regulations related to agrarian law regulation and expert opinions (law in the book), as well as looking at its implementation (forms of people power in the field) to find out how it is implemented in the field (law in action). In order to simplify this research, the statutory approach, conceptual approach and sociological approach were used. The resulting research results are that the parties, namely the people and the government, are obliged to respect and uphold freedom of opinion and people's sovereignty based on the 1945 Constitution. Looking at Indonesia's experience in People Power during the Soeharto and Gus Dur era, the Government is advised not to be indifferent to voices. people


Constitutionality; People Power; Constitution

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An example is the use of popular petitions and media techniques, as by Greenpeace in Australia (2012) to oppose the deployment of a giant-size fishing trawler. See People power wins! Super trawler banned at Greenpeace Australia Pacific, 2012

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.35327/gara.v18i2.897


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